Women in Fitness – Meelah Menary

As a busy working Mum myself, I know how it can be so hard to shake the Mum guilt, run your own business and still find time to prioritise your health and fitness. I thought it would be great to chat to other women about how they do it all (or if it is even possible to actually do it all).

We are kicking off our Women in Health & Fitness series with Meelah Menary, Managing Director and Owner of Fitstop Springfield and Mum of busy toddler Lochie.

You run an extremely busy business and have a little one how do you find time for it all?

For me it’s all about prioritising, lists and getting the non-negotiables done. Every day is a juggle and constantly re-prioritising throughout the day depending on how bubs is going  and what comes up with my business, but I work off a daily task list in a spreadsheet format so I can see the whole week and adjust if and when needed. Everything I do is online and I plan out the entire year in a general form and then each quarter in details to ensure I am always well prepared.

My number one priority is my son and we have a great routine with snuggles, playtime, independent playtime (I work and watch him), nap time (I get most tasks done during this time) and then we repeat. I think when you are a parent and business owner, you just do what you’ve got to do.

Do you feel you have achieved balance in your life? 

I don’t know about balance but I have found what works for us. Having both a young business and a young toddler means both require a lot of time and nurturing, I knew this would be the journey when Hubby and I committed which means long days, sleepless nights at times and that’s just what we signed up for and are happy to do so. I think as long as you go in with your eyes wide open, you can find your personal happy ‘balance’ or medium. A non-negotiable for me is giving our son the love, attention, and development he needs, giving our marriage the love and nurturing it needs and I will put in whatever hours are needed around that for our business, even if it means late nights while they sleep or weekend work.

What does a normal day look like for you? 

Wake up can be anywhere between 5am-6.30am (on a good night), Lochie and I have cuddle time while he has a bottle, then we start our day with shower time, get dressed, chuck on washing or whatever chore type task while I chase him around and get him involved in the task. After that it’s breakfast time for both of us, then it is independent playtime while I smash out the morning emails and tasks. We then have one on one engagement playtime, then it’s nap time and I get back to work – this is my most productive time where I execute all things that require focus. Bubs naps for approx 1.5-2 hours and then we repeat until his next nap time.

It is then gym time for the 4.15pm session – we always arrive early to chat with our Fit Fams before and after the session. Then it’s home time for dinner, shower and family time. Dependant on the day and what we have going on, some nights Hubby will take care of all the night duties and I will go and work then join them for dinner then go back to work. Other nights, we will all be in the kitchen cooking (bubs in his high chair) and then we tag team shower duties/clean up duties followed by family time. My Hubby, Jarrod is very active with the bubs night routines, cooking and the general house responsibilities – we’re a team!

What motivates you to keep training?

I have always loved exercise but now it isn’t just about the enjoyment and stress relief training gives me, now it is also about maintaining mobility and managing my autoimmune disease. Exercise plays a massive role in my autoimmune disease management and I need to be as mobile and active for our son. I also want to lead by example for our son so that he grows up and is active himself – this is already rubbing off on him and he will often try and mimic the gym movements which is super cute.


What does a standard training week look like for you?

My training weeks vary depending on how my body is managing with my autoimmune disease. A good week is 4+ sessions a week, a frustrating week is 0-2 sessions a week.

Favourite type of training and why?

Functional Group Training of course, I like to lift heavy because it makes me feel strong, the exercises enable me to stay mobile despite my autoimmune disease and I am more motivated in a group environment.

Are you always strict with your diet?

No, I am a big believer in the 80:20 rule and having a healthy relationship with food. If I want to have a treat, I will and I will enjoy it but in moderation.

What do you do to relax?

Family chill time, go on a date with Hubby, read a book to Lochie while getting the best cuddles, take Lochie to the park, catch up with friends, go to the beach, go for a walk, train at the gym or read a book for me.

What do you love most about your job?

Making a positive impact in our fit fams lives, seeing the positive changes in their physical, emotional and mental health, helping them overcome barriers and gain greater self-love and confidence. Our community plays a massive role in the above, with the help of our team and members, we have successfully created the most welcoming, supportive and fun environment for our fit fams and this just makes me so proud.


Check out Meelah’s business Fitstop Springfield here

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