Sabra’s top tips to avoid a cold

As the weather cools down it seems like every second person is blowing their nose and sneezing their heads off. But not you – below are local nutritionist Sabra’s top tips for avoiding catching the common cold this winter.

1. Practice good hygiene

An obvious one but one of the most important. To help reduce the spread of germs make sure you, and those around you, are washing their hands, putting their dirty tissues in the bin and sneezing/coughing into their elbows. If you share your workspace, ask your desk buddy to disinfect the area before they leave for the day and you do the same for them.

2. Increase those vegetables

Vegetables contain a wide variety of important nutrients that help reduce your risk of illness due to neutralizing the effects of free radicals in your body. Add in some extra vegetables wherever possible. Chuck some mushroom, capsicum, tomato and fresh herbs into your scrambled eggs in the morning. And add an extra cup, or two, into your stir fry for dinner. You can never have too much!

3. Sleep

Your body needs time to rest and recover on a daily basis. If you are working long hours, hitting the gym, juggling a family and surrounded by runny nosed people every where you look then you want to be getting even more. Sleep is the prime time for your body to recharge and give your immune system the time it needs to fend off illness with the help of all the veggies you’re eating.

4. Stay hydrated

Now is not the time to be skipping on your water consumption. I know the colder days make it easier to forget to sip on your water bottle but make it a priority. Water is absolutely pivotal to your health – it is the oil that keeps your body’s machine going. 1.5 to 2 L minimum per day! If you’re struggling to drink that much definitely add some goodies in to make it more enticing, cucumber and mint or strawberries and lime.

5. Supplements

As much as we would all love to be eating home cooked meals three times a day, that’s not always an option and that’s when supplementation can come in handy. Traditional herbal medicines like olive leaf extract and Echinacea do wonders at warding off illness by boosting your immunity. Vitamin C is also a great choice if you are already starting to feel the symptoms of a cold coming on as it helps reduce the severity and length of the common cold.


If you are after more specific details on how nutrition, both food and supplementation can help you in your day to day, get in contact with Sabra from Fortitude Health and Wellness at the incredible City Cave Ipswich.

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