What is Fitstop all about?

New to the Ipswich fitness scene is Fitstop Springfield. So what is it all about? We caught up with owner Meelah Menary to find out.

What exactly is your business about and how is it different to other gyms and training available?

My business, Fitstop Springfield is a gym that specialises in functional group training with the focus of creating healthier and happier people through progressional, functional training. We offer three styles of classes; FIT, FAST and FUNCTIONAL to enable you to get fitter and stronger and improve your athletic performance.


What kind of workout can you expect when participating in a class?

A challenging but fun session! You will experience a High intensity, high heart rate, high calorie burn in our FIT sessions where we combine resistance training, body weight exercises and running to put your overall fitness to the test. Expect a challenge, but after 45 minutes of hard work – the feeling of achievement and endorphin rush is worth it!

In our FAST session we start off slow and controlled by developing strength, power and skills with full body movements using barbells, dumbbells, dead balls and kettlebells. We then finish it off by going hard and fast! Spike your heart rate with a full body, high intensity, low impact burner!

And in our FUNCTIONAL session, we lift heavy, striving for progression, whilst focussing on form and technique. Our functional sessions combine compound movements using major muscle groups with isolation exercises to help promote muscle gain and overall strength!

And last but not least, we have our SOCIAL SATURDAY session which is a highlight reel of all three classes and its free to the community to come in and train. *Bookings essential via the Fitstop app.

What health and fitness benefits does the training have?

Our classes help with the following:

  • Improve and increase cardiovascular fitness
  • Improve and increase lean muscle mass and muscle strength
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Improve body fat %
  • And in general, regular exercise is proven to improve your overall health and wellbeing

What makes your business so different to others?

Our community and culture – there are no clicks, we are one big welcoming family. In addition to our trainers, our members play a massive role in welcoming and encouraging their fellow members (fit fams). It truly is such an amazing atmosphere and we are very blessed to have such an amazing team and crew of members.

In addition to the community, our training methodology is progressive, it’s fun, and it’s challenging.
What is your background and when did your passion for fitness begin?

My passion for health and fitness started when I was in my teens after the loss of my father and then grew more and more when I saw the positive impact I was having in peoples lives through coaching and education around exercise and nutrition. My passion grew even deeper after I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and finding that exercise was a crucial key to staying physically mobile and in a healthy frame of mind, to stay in a positive mindset and motivated towards my goals. I have been in the industry for over 13 years now and I still absolutely love it and have always wanted my own gym but never found the concept I was prepared to take the risk on… until Fitstop.

My close friend Rilee was an absolute advocate of Fitstop – being a long-standing member and having lost 10kgs on the Fitstop Refine You Challenge and maintaining her results for well over a year and still to date, her passion for the brand as a member spiked my interest enough to go and check it out. My hubby and I did one session, looked and each other and decided we wanted a Fitstop of our own. At the time, it wasn’t financially viable and we knew we wanted it but weren’t sure how we could make the dream a reality and being pregnant at the time, the dream seemed far from happening.

3 months after our baby, Lochie was born, I could not see myself going back to work for an employer as I wanted to be a full-time Mumma but I personally still needed the mental stimulation and to be in the industry I love… this made the risk viable and we decided to commit and make our dream a reality while also being a full-time Mumma, another dream of mine. I wanted to have my cake and eat it too (Mumma and Business).

Fast forward 4 months and we opened our very own Fitstop (Fitstop Springfield) on December 8th 2018 – it’s amazing what a massive motivation our little man, Lochie was to make this dream a reality, to enable me to do business on my terms and around our bub.

Fitstop itself was founded approximately 3 years ago and franchised in January 2017. This franchise has seen and is still seeing rapid growth with 17 locations opening by December 2018, mine being the 17th and this year (2019) launching interstate with approx five locations locked in to open in the coming months.

What stood out to us and made us choose Fitstop, was the genuine community at every location we went to, the style of training incorporating both group training and lifting and that there is a strong focus on progression and culture.

At Fitstop, the first session is always complimentary so find the location near you, register for a trial and experience the Fitstop Difference for yourself.

Fitstop Springfield is located in Springfield Fair, 16 Parkway Drive,
4300 Springfield. Check them out on Facebook or Instagram, or download the app to book your first session or FREE Social Saturday. 


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