The health benefits of lifting weights for women

By Ford Statham FPS Fitness 

Ford Statham FPS Fitness

As a sports nutritionist and strength and conditioning coach I am very passionate about resistance training/strength training/lifting weights for everyone of all ages and especially females!

This is not just because you will get stronger and more confident but also because of all the extra health benefits that comes with strength training. Here are just some of the health benefits;

  • Increase in bone density
  • Increase in lean muscle mass
  • Increase in metabolism
  • Better insulin sensitivity
  • Decreases in body fat (if eating in a calorie deficit)
  • Decreased risk in high blood pressure
  • Decreased risk and treatment of diabetes
  • Decreased risk in many other health conditions
  • Increase in self confidence
  • Increase in strength

With all these health benefits it’s crazy to think that some people still think that females shouldn’t be doing strength training!

A lot of people still think that females should only be doing cardio, which I couldn’t disagree more with!!

I encourage all females to be doing some form of strength training. Whether you are just starting out doing body weight exercises/machines or have more experience and doing deadlifts, squats or Olympic lifting.

Whichever it may be, start it, stick to it and you will make gradual progressions and you will love the feeling of it and get addicted!

One of the biggest reasons I promote weights training for females is because of the benefit of  having more lean muscle on your body.

By doing weights you won’t necessarily burn more calories than if you did cardio, but by doing weight training your body will build more lean muscle. When our body has more lean muscle we don’t only have a better body shape (growing that peach and getting that bikini bod) but our body actually burns more calories at rest and while we exercise. So by having more lean muscle you will not only look great and feel great but your body will also be burning more calories all day!

Weighs Training is not only important when we are younger but even more so as we age as well. This is because it is said that at some point in our 30s we start to lose 3-5% of our muscle mass per decade if we are physically inactive. So by doing some form of resistance training 2-4 times per week can prevent this from happening.

The benefits as we age don’t stop there, with the increase in bone density also being very important. Strength training encourages our bones to be stronger which helps decrease the risk of fractures from small falls and can reduce the risk of Osteo related diseases through maintaining or improving bone density.

So if you are over 30 and inactive I couldn’t encourage you enough to start some form of resistance training today!!

Now I know many females are still afraid that by lifting weights they will get “big and bulky” and start to “look like a man.”

But both of these common thoughts are just myths and not true.

I can assure you by lifting weights you won’t get big and bulky or look like a male!

You can’t and won’t look like a male because females simply can’t put on muscle as easy as males do due to them not producing as much testosterone. So your body naturally can not build as much muscle as males do.

Now you may be thinking of a few females in the gym that have very defined muscles and that if you do weights you’ll look like that…That is not the case as those females have been training very specifically and very hard for many years to look that way.

So don’t think by doing weight training a few times a week that you will start building massive “man like”muscles because you won’t!

A lot of females also want to be “toned” which is awesome but some believe if they just do cardio they will get “toned.”

Again this is just a myth and not the case as “toned” simply refers to an increase in lean muscle (which can only be achieved by doing some form of resistance training) and a decrease in body fat. So if you want to be “toned”, build a bigger peach (glutes) or get that bikini body you will have to start doing some form of resistance training.

Another common issue I find with some females starting out with weights training is that they are afraid to go into the weights area either because they are unsure of what to do, not sure how to use the equipment or find that the males in there look intimidating lifting heavy weights.

This is completely fine and normal, but remember everyone starts somewhere. So if you are not sure of what to do I highly recommend hiring a qualified trainer that can take you through a weights program so you know what you are doing and can then be more confident.

I can also assure you that the males in there training are more concerned about themselves  than you training, so focus on you and be confident!

So ladies!! If you want to achieve that dream body, build those glutes, decrease your risk of many health conditions, increase your confidence, look, feel and be stronger, get into the gym and start doing some strength training! I guarantee you that you will love it!

If you’d like to know more info or have any questions on strength training please feel free to contact me.

Ford Statham – FPS Fitness
M: 0421 449 811
Facebook: FPS Fitness

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