Can group training actually be FUN?

Many people that know me personally know that in the past I haven’t loved traditional gym classes, I generally lose interest fast and let’s be honest, lack a little bit of  the coordination required to pump out the grape vine or step class moves! That’s why I had gravitated to Bootcamp and PT’s to keep things interesting in the past.

So has F45 changed my view on class style training? Most definitely! Why????? Because it is in a world of its own!!!


Classes are never boring. The movements are always different, scaled to suit all fitness levels but engineered by F45’s Athletics Department to give you an amazing workout. They have done the thinking for you, all stations are set up ready to go with heaps of weight options.

The intervals are always varied and sometimes you feel like you don’t get enough rest in between sets, but that is the point! The point is to push yourself that little bit more as that is where the real results happen! As the saying goes “If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you” so it is really important to lift that little bit heavier if you can, move faster or pump out some extra reps!

Mentally you always walk away feeling so damn accomplished too, as you progress you try harder iterations of movements, doing something that challenges you mentally and physically is so rewarding. You will actually be quite surprised what your body CAN do!

Hats off to the trainers at F45 Ipswich Central too. They are always watching members and know when to give them that extra little push or magically appear with a heavier set of dumbbells!

Photo below is the leader board after a recent session. Who thought I could ever be on the top of the points ladder?



Unless you are crazy (going multiple times a day), no workout at F45 is ever repeated! That definitely keeps things interesting and with a good mix of resistance and cardio workouts your weekly training regime is perfectly balanced.



A few friends have asked me what it is that makes F45 so different. I always explain it as the vibe! The vibe when you walk into a session is like walking into a room full of mates, everyone is having a chat and a laugh and the trainers at F45 Ipswich Central know all the members by name. Everyone is really pumped to be there and smash the days workout as a team. Members offer support and encouragement through out and there is always a genuine “awesome work” or “well done” at the end of the workout with loads of sweaty high fives.


It is also amazing, the perfect pace for the workout and aids as an awesome distraction to push through those last lot of reps on some of the longer timing intervals. It is not your typical dance re-mixed tracks. Think today’s hits, mixed with your RnB favourites and even some killer 80’s classics thrown in when you least expect it. It definitely keeps things interesting and you’ll  find yourself bopping along or dancing to the next station.

Generally there is some singing (how can you not sing along to “Boom boom boom let me here you say wayoh!”

Don’t believe me how good it is? Check out the F45 Training playlist in Spotify!



Ok that is not an acronym I use often as a 30 something Mum, but I couldn’t think of another word to describe it! If you miss a session, chances are you are going to be super jealous and feel out of the loop when your other team mates are talking about how “killer” it was. This is so true for me, the days I don’t go I feel like am seriously missing out and that my daily routine is not complete with out my daily F45 fix.

It is safe to say I have quickly become addicted to the style of workout, it definitely keeps my coming back!

Keen to try it for yourself? Stay tuned as our first FitSwich pop up event will feature F45’s most famous class – Hollywood! Stay tuned for details.

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