What to expect when F45ing

One of the biggest things I always worry about when training in a new place is what to expect when walking in. I feel that if someone could give me a run down I would be so much more comfortable to attend on my own.

So here it is, what to expect from the minute you book to when you walk in to your first F45 class! 



Booking is quick and simple. Just download the app (F45 Training) and set up an account and you are on your way. From within the app you can select your location and even redeem a 7 day trial. I recommend booking early as the popular time classes and Hollywood sessions do book out. You can also book and manage your account from the website on a desktop computer.


Arrive at least 15 minutes early for your first class to meet the trainer and fill out some quick paperwork so they are aware of any injuries or medical conditions you may have.

Make sure you take a towel and water bottle along too.

My first impressions were great – no treadmills or mirrors in sight! Just a fun circuit set up across the room with a variety of equipment. The equipment was all stuff I was familiar with too – kettle bells, dumbbells, Swiss balls, step boxes etc, no crazy contraptions that you sometimes find at gyms.

At my first session Darren also gave me a quick run down of what to expect and told me to just work at my own pace and have a rest when I needed it which made me feel much more comfortable.


There is an iPad where you tick your name off when you arrive. Most times I have been to a class the trainers have been amazing and actually tick everyone off as they arrive – great memories to remember everyone’s name!


You may have seen by my recent Facebook post that I was made to feel very welcome. I must say the F45 crew are so supportive and helpful. I originally had a vision in my head from all the marketing I had seen on TV, that the people would all be 20 something, ridiculously fit and intimidating, but I was instead greeted by normal people from all walks of life, ages and fitness levels. Each at a different stage of their own health and fitness journey. But one thing they all had in common is that they were also super friendly and welcoming.



So when you arrive you will notice a fair few screens on the wall. At first this was intimidating but once the trainers explain how it all works, it makes complete sense. I actually LOVE the screens, as if you are like me and sometimes guilty of having a chat up the back of the room, if you forget an exercise they are there displayed on the screen through the whole class. Each station is numbered so it corresponds to the number on the screen, so it is easy to workout where and what you are doing at the next station.



The trainers will run you through each exercise in the circuit as well as let you know how long the intervals are, the direction of travel, rest periods and number of rounds.

They will then walk around during the class checking on you, helping you get set at the stations or simply ensuring you are safely doing the movements with the correct form. They are also AMAZING at motivating you to lift a little heavier, go a little harder, or try the more difficult option when you have mastered the easier version.

Did I mention all the exercises are scaled? The trainers will always give easy and more difficult options of each exercise so if you are newbie like me you can try the simpler movement until you are comfortable. Movements like pull ups also have assisted versions with bands and steps close by to help you get into them.


Classes do have different focuses too. Some are more weights/resistance training focused where as others are more cardio. The app tells you this information too as well as the intervals if you are ever looking for more detail. You might want to start with a resistance based class if your not too keen on cardio for your first class and ease you way into it!



If you have a bit of a competitive side you can also purchase a Lion Heart, heart rate monitor which links directly to a screen at the back of the room. You can see how many points you have earned through out the workout and where your heart rate percentage is sitting.

It has definitely spurred me on to work harder when I notice someone else in the class is getting higher points than me! It also sends you a report after the workout so you can see your total points, average heart rate and how many calories burnt which is really cool.

EXPECT SWEATY HIGH FIVES (and some singing and dancing)


So one of the greatest things about F45 is the atmosphere! The music is always EPIC and paced perfectly to get you pumped and keep you going through the class. It is not surprising that there is generally some singing or dancing going on as you move stations, especially at a Saturday Hollywood class with the live DJ (it seriously feels like a party).

At the end of the class there is this awesome sense of achievement and you will generally get a sweaty high five or two as you and your team mates relish in what you have just conquered!


Interested in trying a class for yourself? Check out F45 Ipswich Central’s website to get your 7 day complimentary membership.


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  1. This overview is truly representative of F45 Ipswich Central. Thankyou Shanee, Darren and team.
    Kind regards


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