Why the F45 Challenge?


So this is the typical story of the 30 something woman. I am a busy Mum who works part time and also has a side hustle (BFI will get this :)) as a Marketing Consultant – although sometimes it is not clear if the consultancy business or part time work is actually the bit on the side! I am also the driving force behind new Ipswich start up, FitSwich (clearly I enjoy being busy).

Prior to having my two year old daughter I was consistently exercising a minimum three times a week! Since having her it is probably more on average one to two times, three is definitely out of the ordinary.

I suffer from priority Tourettes when it comes to my personal life (no offence intended), but as other Mum’s get you always put yourself last. But do you know what I have worked out? You have to put yourself first sometimes as it makes dealing with everything else a lot easier!

I am guilty for letting work consume my life – I always get sucked into the vortex of doing that little bit more to make things perfect, but the saying I am now working towards is “done is better than perfect”.


This want to be the perfect Mum, chef, wife, employee and business owner often led to skipping PT’s and bootcamp as there was always something more important.

The flow on affect is pretty crappy though. Work late, dinner late, added stress to rush bedtime routine and prep for the next day, bed late, wake up late, get to work late, skip breakfast as didn’t have enough time to prep so eat some crappy cafe meal or coffee and biscuits from the tea room! And the big one I felt STRESSED. I wasn’t getting enough sleep, struggled to fall asleep and was pretty much on edge and grumpy (just ask the husband). But when I did get back to my PT’s I loved every child free minute of it and left on a high – those endorphins are amazing things! Working out also meant I wanted to eat something healthy and not sabotage the hard work I had just done and good food for me always equals feeling good!


WHY F45?

I have always followed F45 on Facebook and Instagram, have a few friends who attend regularly at different locations and been in awe of the challenge results! One thing that was always consistent was people got addicted! My thoughts initially how can you actually get addicted to something that hurts….. I guess only time will tell.

I tried a couple of classes when the Springfield branch first opened and one at Ipswich Central late last year which I really enjoyed but I had started PT’s at a local gym so wanted to give that a go.

I was chatting to the owners of the Ipswich Central branch about submitting some content to be shared on FitSwich and asked if they had someone doing the challenge that would be good to follow their journey. Darren’s response “you”. I was kind of shocked and my first response “I can’t write about myself”? And I thought who wants to hear about my experiences I am just a regular Mum! But then I thought, there are a lot of regular Mum’s out there who would probably want to see a normal person testing it out, not a bikini model Instagrammer that can probably employ a personal chef.

On the flip side I thought it was a sure fire way to make sure it was authentic! Just a regular person who is not all about the crop top selfies and actually can not lie!  It is actually a personality flaw (just ask my Mum!). So I said yes!


Lose some fat, build muscle, consistently train to beat stress, boost my energy levels – stick to something, keep doing one PT a week at BodySwitch! Put me first (to me it still even sounds selfish writing that).


I was bloody nervous. I didn’t know anyone, I hate working out in my glasses (essential as short sighted and need to see the screens – will give you the down low on the screens soon) and I think I am going to die.

I thought I was definitely not fit enough to do those sort of classes (this was also everyone’s response who I talked to about what I was doing and had never been before).

The last but not least, how am I going to fit consistent training into my life, am I destined to fail. Oh and I suck at selfies plus who wants to see photos of me anyway!


So there is a little intro to me {Michelle} and why the F45 8 Week Challenge.

Stay tuned for how my first week turned out (coffee free – well at least half of it) and if my hesitations were warranted!

If you’re enjoying the journey so far please give our page a like and check out Instagram @FitSwich for regular updates in our Stories.

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