Best Fat Burning Exercises

Whilst the question of “what exercise burns the most fat” seems quite straight forward, you only have to read a few articles from fitness magazines and blogs to be somewhat confused.

Whilst one might claim our new saviour is fasted cardio first up in the morning, others might talk about keeping your heart rate in an optimal zone, giving you a rough calculation to work out what yours needs to be.

We wanted to give you an insight into what you should really believe and tap into some qualified advice from some of Ipswich’s top personal trainers. Is there consensus on what really achieves the best fat loss results? Read on to find out!



Unfortunately there is not a one size fits all approach Kody said. “It all comes down to the individual finding

what works best for their body. I personally found fasted cardio worked for me, but if your short on time then HIIT would be ideal”. Some may argue that fasted cardio verse fed cardio may bring similar results. The difference with fasted is that people seem to commit more to fasted cardio, by making it a regular addition to the start of their day. You also find you are actually consciously making time to regularly do it, so that frequent hit of cardio is really what works.

Kody also recommended building muscle through weight training. “The more muscle you have the more calories your body will burn throughout the day”. 


Ford Statham FPS Fitness

For me there is no best fat burning exercise as any form of exercise will be burning calories and thus burning fat. (Side note – that is only if you are eating in an calorie deficit as there is no exercise that can undo eating in a calorie surplus).

As a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sports Nutritionist I do have a type of training that I prefer and that is strength training – lifting weights I recommend this is for males and especially females!

This is because with strength training our bodies will build lean muscle. With more lean muscle the more calories we can burn which means burning more fat! And thats a true fact!

With more lean muscle our bodies will actually burn more calories at rest, while you sleep, at work and also while we are training, all due to our bodies having more lean muscle. That is why I will always recommend to my clients that the majority of their training should be strength/resistance training based with additional cardio if needed. I love my big lifts like Deadlifts, Squats, Hip Thrusts, Bench Press, Chin ups, Rows and any variation of their variations!

So by doing weights you won’t only look and feel better, be more confident, be stronger and leaner but you will also be burning more calories/fat all day!


Darcy World Gym

Darcy takes a very straight forward and simple opinion to the question. “The most effective exercises are the ones that keep you interested”.

Fat burning is just energy out vs energy in, and if you have the time to do steady state cardio for a long time that’s ideal for you, but if you are time poor and don’t mind a little lactic acid, high intensity training is ideal.


His top tip is to always try to make training a social occasion. “It keeps you accountable and helps you commit long term for sustainable change”.



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